Altopiano di Asiago

The Altopiano di Asiago, in the province of Veneto in northern Italy situated at 1000 metres of average altitude, is characterized by numerous open meadows and surrounded by hills and mountains.The plateau, which includes the municipalities of Asiago , Conco , Enego , Foza , Gallio , Lusiana , Roana and Rotzo , offers panoramas of extensive pastures and pine forests.

Over 500 kilometers of trails offer stunning landscapes and direct contact with unique and unspoiled nature in all the 4 seasons.  

cherry trees lusiana
cherry trees lusiana detail
ciliegio stoner
foto 91
covola waterfall
cascate valle dei mulini mist
cascate val di sotto
Cascate della Covola, Gallio
Case Carlini hay harvest
Case Lise summer sunrise
foto 59
adri in tresche conca forest
faggio ekar
larice zebbio
Cascate della Covola in spring
Road to Sasso in the morning mist
forte corbin in autumn
zona malga mandriolo
Fagus sylvatica, Sasso, Asiago
Tanzer trio of colours 2
Fagus forest in autumn
little barn lisser
Wild cherry tree in autumn
cherry tree stoner in autumn
detail cherry tree stoner in autumn
roana autunno
Contrade nella nebbia
ponte di roana autunno
nebbia dal sisemol
foto 115
adri lisser
adri altarknotto
altaknotto sunset vert
altaknotto sunset
enchanted forest
turcio faggio neve sq
frozen fence
little railway house
oh christmas tree
stone railway cottage snow
frassino con il sacrario
pano ossario da sisemol
gallio in the snow
roana in the snow
foto 72
asiago pano winter
Campanella in the snow
foto 95
baracche bertigo
white tree zocchi
ghost tree snowflakes sasso
white tree
larches in the snow
faggio ekar
valderonchi farmhouse
campanile di camporovere nebbia inverno.
Case Lise at sunset
Monte Corno sunrise
winter sunset case lise
tramonto dai sambugari
Fiochi di luce, Asiago 2018
duomo san matteo first snow
campanile san matteo neve
Duomo San Matteo, Asiago