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Stunning Lake Levico

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Lake Caldonazzo situated on the left and smaller Lake Levico on the right, with the village of Tenna on the ridge dividing both lakes.
Lakes Caldonazzo and Levico, Trento, northern Italy.

The distinctive form of lake Levico, one of the cleanest Italian lakes, resembles a Norwegian fjord and only a forested hill called Colle di Tenna, separates Lake Levico from its big brother, Lake Caldonazzo. The picturesque Lake Levico, surrounded by dense forests, reflects the colours of the trees on it's tranquil surface. That is also one of the reasons why this lake has a beautiful emerald green colour.

lake Levico shoreline
Tranquil waters

However, as the trees change their colour in autumn, the aspect of the lake changes and mirrors a beautiful autumnal landscape. Those who seek relaxation and who like water sports will enjoy Lake Levico. Along its north bank, there is the pleasant fishermen’s path (strada dei pescatori), which leads you along the lakeshore.

Lake Levico boat tranquil
A walk in the forest Lake Levico

Protected by shady trees, it is also perfectly suitable for walks in hot summer days.

Among the reeds of the lake, called Canneto di Levico, you can observe different water birds,

for example migratory birds like common gulls, nuns and robins, which stop over during the winter months in the biotope.

Lake Levico lilies flowers Trento
Floating lilies
lake Levico Trento
Green peace

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